Farmhouse Paint "The Corner" Brush
Farmhouse Paint "The Corner" Brush

Farmhouse Paint "The Corner" Brush

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This unusual 3 sided triangular brush is the best brush for your Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet projects. “The Corner” works great on raised panels, corners, edges and more. Its unique angles and carved tips allows for precise detail and accuracy. Perfect for cutting in difficult areas, with fewer drips. It creates the smoothest finish and is a great choice for the discriminating painter.   “The Corner” has a ergonomically designed Birch hardwood handle with a Stainless Steel ferrule providing the highest quality construction. This brush is packed with our Proprietary Synthetic  Blend “SMOOTH” Bristle Chemistry for the smoothest finish. Suitable for all paints and stains.

12 x 1.5 x 1.25 in.